Duck Rabbit optical illusion. Some people see a duck; others see a rabbit.

Humanities ·

Humanities Lectures 2017

Professor Arthur Shapiro kicks off the first in a series of Humanities Lab lectures this Wednesday, September 20, at 1 p.m. at 228 Battele-Tompkins. He will explore the difference between what we see and how we understand and interpret what we see.
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People protest DACA in New York City.

Government & Politics ·

Ask the Expert: Professor Ernesto Castañeda Discusses the Latest on DACA

We asked Professor Castañeda to weigh in on DACA: what does it mean, what might happen next, and what he wishes would happen in terms of immigration reform.
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American University staff stand in front of Batelle-Tompkins building with ENERGY STAR certification

Environment ·

American University Earns First ENERGY STAR Certification

Battelle-Tompkins Building recognized by EPA for “Superior Energy Efficiency”
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Ibram Kendi's book explores the history of racist ideas in America.

Research ·

How Racism Spreads: Ibram Kendi Discusses His Book and Research

Stamped from the Beginning won the National Book Award.
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Photograph of audio technology equipment.

Alumni ·

CAS Alumnus Develops Music App

College of Arts and Sciences alumnus Matt Fagan develops new music app, now for sale through Apple.
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zebra finch

Research ·

Estrogen May Stop Infection-Induced Brain Inflammation

Songbird study reveals new clues about the interplay between the body's neuroendocrine and immune systems.
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