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Register now for the 29th Ann Ferren Conference: January 12, 2018

Institutions of higher education are facing unprecedented challenges driven by internal and external forces that question the role and responsibility of educators, the value proposition of a college degree, access and inclusion, social justice and education, and political climate. In light of these forces, the 29th Ann Ferren Conference will focus on "Reimagining the Educator for the 21st Century." CTRL, in collaboration with the School of Education and Office of Campus Life, will have presentations by faculty and staff on the following topics:

Changing Pedagogical Paradigms

This topic recognizes that higher education (HE) today calls for faculty to reexamine and address accepted pedagogical norms. Central to a paradigm shift is the fundamental question of "who is the educator"; and what values drive choices and approaches to teaching-learning.

Education as Civic Engagement

This topic recognizes that institutions of HE increasingly are asked to account for the value and relevance of knowledge generated and disseminated.

Importance of Mentorship

This topic recognizes that HE must be intentional in building structures to facilitate and nurture networks of relationships. Such structures promote retention; sense of belonging; and personal and professional growth.

Technological Innovations

This topic recognizes that HE increasingly must contend with rapid technological innovations and their implications for teaching-learning. Technology is viewed as an enabling tool of, or conversely an insurmountable barrier to teaching-learning processes.