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Summary of Faculty Senate Meeting, October 4, 2017

Faculty Senate chair Andrea Pearson reported that the proposed revisions to the Faculty Manual are ready for a vote by the Board of Trustees in November. The Senate will sponsor a term faculty unionization forum later in the month. An ITS working group will begin revising the piloted questions shortly. Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies Jessica Waters and Chair of the AU Core Committee Cynthia Bair Van Dam updated the Senate on the development of the AUCore. The Senate voted to approve the members of the AUCore sub-committees. The AUCore will replace General Education in 2019. Professors Jimmy Ellis and Andrea Brenner presented findings from the assessment of the AUX pilot, which has been positively received by students. The Senate approved Bylaws for the new Senate Standing Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (FacCDI). Senators passed the following resolution with a vote of 19/2/2:  

The Faculty Senate lauds the creation of the President’s website for Diversity and Inclusion and calls on the new FacCDI to develop a set of procedures for faculty to follow in implementing the website’s objectives in reporting alleged bias. They will report back to Senate in a timely manner.  

Dean of Academic Affairs Mary Clark reported that the Provost’s office will hire a new Title IX officer to help in Title IX investigations against faculty. Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs William LeoGrande reported on term faculty unionization. A vote has not been called and Professor LeoGrande encouraged all term faculty to attend the upcoming Senate-sponsored town hall meetings. Provost Scott Bass ended the meeting with comments about rally to denounce racism that was held on Friday, September 30. The tone of the rally was positive and supportive..