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Start your Research

SearchBox is a Google-style search experience for the vast majority of the library’s electronic resources, the WRLC catalog, and other locally available content (e.g. Library Subject Guides, American University Digital Repository). From a single box, SearchBox searches full-text content, article citations, and library catalog records and returns a list of results ranked by relevance.

It is the place to start your search for scholarly journal and newspaper articles, books, videos, maps, manuscript collections, music scores and more. From your search results, it’s just one step to accessing the full text of articles, or to seeing if a book is on the shelf.

Additional ways to conduct your research

WRLC Catalog
Search the WRLC Catalog directly
Search Databases
You can search individual databases without going through SearchBox if you wish
Find Journals
If you have an article citation, you can look for the journal directly
Subject Guides
Looking for the library's resources by subject? Try our subject guides
Browser Extension
LibX (AU Edition) provides direct access to your Library's resources