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Public Access Printers

Bender Library has four, high volume black and white printers and one color printer located on the Lower Level that are available for all individuals to use. Every computer in the library prints to these five printers. There is also a Quick Print Station downstairs with six computers, where patrons can use a computer specifically for the purpose of printing. The Library's Graduate Research Center, accessible from both the SIS terrace level and the Library's Lower Level, also has a high volume printer/scanner.

Printing Registration

When printing from any computer, you will be asked to enter in a username for your print job. This username is the same one you use to log into your portal. Once you have printed your document, head to any of the four high volume printers downstairs and swipe your AU ID card. If this is your first time using a printer, you will be prompted to register your card using your portal username and password. Once this is done, your ID card will be linked to that username.

If you receive a replacement AU ID card, please alert Print Center staff or email Include your 7 digit AU ID # and the two digits printed right after.

Printing from a Personal Laptop

Personal laptops can also be configured to print to the library printers. In Spring 2018 we are moving to a new printer system and plan to have configuration instructions available soon. Please check at the Information Desk for status.

Guest Printing

Due to the new registration system, any individual not affiliated with the university will need to obtain a username in order to be able to print. This can be done by getting a computer login slip from the Borrowing Desk on the 1st Floor. When ready to print and prompted to enter a username, use the one on the login slip.

All non-AU patrons can release print jobs using EagleBucks cards which can be purchased from a dispensing machine on the Lower Level in the Print Center. They cost $1.00, with $0.50 remaining on the card for printing. These cards are reusable; money can be added using the same machine.

When you swipe your Eaglebucks print card at one of the touchscreen printers for the first time, you will be asked to enter in your username and password which can be found on the login slip. This will link your print card and its funds to the username on the slip for all printing jobs in the future.

Please keep this login slip in a safe place as it is now your permanent printing username. If you forget your username, you will have to replace your print card and consequently lose whatever funds you may have had on it.

Note: Guests will still need to obtain a new login slip each time they come to the library in order to access the computers and the internet.


The library printers only accept EagleBucks and Print Funds, which are allocated to students in the following way:

  • Full-time: $25.00 per semester
  • Part-time: $12.50 per semester

If you did not receive your Print Funds but are registered for classes, please contact the Borrowing Desk in order for those funds to be manually added to your ID card.


  • Black and White Printing: 10 cents per page
  • Color Printing: 1 dollar per page

All library printers default to double-sided printing to conserve paper. To print single sided, you must change the print properties before printing.

Copyright Policy

All copying performed by the Technology Services desk must conform to the University Copyright Policies concerning "Fair Use" of copyrighted materials. Copies must include a notice of copyright as it appears on the original work. In general, the technology services desk will copy up to 2 articles or 10% of a journal and up to 10% of a book.

Info Icon Printing Help

Information Desk
(202) 885-3232
Bender Library, Lobby

In addition to printing, free scanning to email or USB is available in the Lower Level Lobby.

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